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Reference projects

Oil and Gas field
The project of Upgrade D3 DCS System at Dinh Co GPP:

The project of installing SCADA system at new PVGAS head office in Hochiminh City.

Pipeline Overview – SCADA System
Gas control Operation Center - PVGAS

SCADA system in Gas control Operation Center - PVGAS

The project of Investing the  CCTV system at Thi Vai , Dinh Co and Phu My


-    The project of S/3 SCADA upgrade system belonging to the Project of CP pipeline, 2010.
-    Upgrade Dinh Co SCADA system in the big project: The project of pipeline supplying the gas for Phu My- Hochiminh city, 2009 (IEC was the sub contractor of Invensys contractor).
-    Supplying, installing, commissioning and accepting the wind measurement system for Thi Vai Terminal.
-    Supplying, installing the controlling camera system for the  plants and terminals of PVGAS.

2. Irrigation field
-    Supplying, installing SCADA system monitoring and controlling Khe May dam (the system of water- rainfall measurement in the storing lake) - Khe May storing lake.
-    Device installing- connecting, applications programming, commissioning, calibrating, accepting for the system of flood controlling warning for Da Nhim hydroelectric power lake.

3. Field of telecommunications, electronics

-    Design, supply, install and being accepted for the VRV system in the head office and its BTS stations of Viettel Group
4. Field of Finance and Banking
-    Supplying and installing the systems of BMS - Lighting control and Camera control for Vietnam Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development
-    Supplying and installing the camera control system for Statement bank in Bac Ninh.

5. Field of Chemical Industry

-    Supply the equipments, install the Can Trang Controlling system for Saovang Joint-stock Rubber Company – SRC
-    Supply the equipments, install the Controlling system of closed refined train for Saovang Joint-stock Rubber Company – SRC